Change your thinking, change your life.

Our tricky brains and the past are not a good combination. Getting caught up in unhelpful loops of thoughts. It takes a lot of hard work to change this, and I know we’re all tired already.

I know that for me, and many others, the past can really bother us. There’s just so much shit back there, trauma, unwanted memories, difficult situations. And in my opinion, it is those that causes the majority of mental health issues. If we look back on things that have happened to us, it all makes sense. You can see how all those events have trickled down into the subconscious mind and created false beliefs and negative behavioural patterns. It’s quite scary how this all occurs without our knowing. Then one day it all reveals itself outwards and you have a mental illness. But luckily for us, the brain is malleable, and can be changed with sustained effort and practice.

We get into these ruts of thinking. Seeing everything through a biased pessimistic lense. Fogged up by the beliefs our pasts have created. And everything starts with thought. The saying goes “control your mind, control your life”. Whatever we think, leads to certain emotional reactions which then lead to certain behaviours linked to how we feel. Thoughts don’t change easily, and if we keep reinforcing their validity by responding to them, they stay. When those negative and self sabotaging ones pop up, we have to say the opposite. Find evidence for our new thoughts and attach positive feelings to them. We don’t have to stay trapped in the old survival mode/protecting ourselves way of thinking, feeling and behaving.

And I know that for me, those memories and experiences were absolute hell. So why would I then want to continue thinking from that place? Why would I want to keep my mind stuck there all the time if it was so unpleasant? You have to do something different. Those events have in part, gotten me here, and kept me here. So if you want things to change, a new frame of mind is needed. New patterns, new beliefs. Forgetting all that shit. It’s done. Think new things, feel new things. Create your life to be what you want because the past is finished. From here and now, I’m in control. Always have been.

4 thoughts on “Change your thinking, change your life.

  1. Joana says:

    It really does take a lot of work to have a change perspective. Especially, when you’re a very cynical person. Like me, I’ve gone in & out of my cynical world. Having a positive view in life is an every day work but over time I got the hold of it. 😊

    This is a nice post by the way.

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