World Kindness Day


Since it was World kindness day recently, I thought I’d do a post to show why spreading kindness is so important and how it can affect people more than you know.

Kindness to all people is vitally important as you really don’t know what someone is going through and a small gesture or kind word could make the absolute world of difference to someone who is in a dark or bad place in their life. Or simply just for the joy of spreading kindness in itself. It feels wonderful to be able to make another human feel good, whether that be by saying something nice, doing something nice or giving something nice. All things are greatly appreciated by all who experience kindness and it can truly make someone’s entire day just to have that tiny bit of kindness instilled upon them.

As some of us have been, I was heavily bullied when I was a child and teenager and it effected me significantly. Not only in my daily life at the time, but it was a contributor to my current mental illnesses as well as the continuous trauma related flashbacks and triggers I sometimes get from these events. So being horrible to someone is not something that is simply in the moment. It can have a sometimes life long and long term impact on an individual without you even knowing it. Which is why its incredibly crucial to never assume someones mental health. Social media is one side of the coin, and we never truly know what may be going on for someone on the other side.

It’s also important to always remember that everyone, including those who seem strong, resilient and unbothered by life have feelings too. It can take only one horrible comment to send someone into a downward spiral. Similarly, it can only take one lovely kind word to bring someone back up, even just a little.

So even though it may no longer be the awareness day, as I always and will continue to advocate, these days must be carried on far beyond their single dates. We must come together to continue spreading kindness all the time, everyday because it doesn’t take much but yet it has such a huge emotional effect for others.

5 thoughts on “World Kindness Day

  1. Clennell Anthony says:

    Thank you so much for this post. Thank you for reminding us that kindness really does make a difference and an impact on peoples lives just as much is the negativity of words and actions. Sometimes I think people forget that giving compliments, making someone smile, or simply letting them know that they made your day is just as important as letting them know when they have not. Thanks again! What a wonderful post! CSA

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